Saturday, November 17, 2012

I don't own anything around here!

My friend's often ask me if I am still happy I left the corporate world and if enjoy my new "starving artist"  lifestyle.  Well, not so much the starving part, (and there is some of that) but, sure, Absolutely!  I have a shitty, awful patchy beard, don't have to wear a suit anymore and, most importantly,  no more corporate mumbo-jumbo and malarkey.

Now I am one that usually take a little mumbo-jumbo and malarkey in small doses.  That being said, when you must go to some diversity training that you know is being conducted by an outright racist. Or even better, a sexual harassment class done by a woman that is sleeping with half the men in the room; It's just too much!  What a man has to put up with to make a living these days!

Corporate Lackey

One of my favorite line of malarkey that was propagated by the corporate lackeys' was this since of ownership line they would hoist upon us.  Oh yeah!  I love that one.  Some corporate goon would come up to me and say, "Matt, you are doing great, but you need more a since of ownership."
     "Excuse me," I would say.
     "Yeah, you need to take charge, have a since of ownership around here."  "Act as is if you own it."
     "Oh, I understand, but there is only one problem.  I don't own shit around here!"

That's right!  I don't own shit around there, and I'm not about to act like I do!  Unless they act like I am the owner.  And that entails me being able to leave whenever I choose, play golf on Monday's and not go stupid meeting's that they make me go to.  As a matter of fact, if I was the owner, I would fire the jackass that came to me about acting like the owner!  You're fired! 

As with all things corporate, and, insane.  You either deal with it, or move on.  I choose to move on.  Now excuse me, I have to go try and scrounge up some food from a dumpster or something.

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