Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who is running this thing?

While watching one of my favorite movies, National Lampoons: Vacation, I noticed something very disturbing to me.  For those of you from another planet that have not yet seen this cult classic;  It's a movie about a family that takes a nightmare of a cross-country vacation from Chicago - Los Angeles to visit the fictional "Wally World" theme park.

Now I have seen this movie probably 70-80 times in my life.  Far and away more than any other movie.  I have it on DVD and I know all the lines.  One of my favorites was the epic meltdown of Clark in Phoenix when the family wanted to go home...  "We're ten hours from the #%@&ing fun park, and you wanna bail out?"  Nevermind...

Anyway, back on topic!  At the end of this movie when they reach Wally World, it's closed.  And Clark goes crazy and abducts one of the security guards (John Candy) and they go about the park riding all the rides.  Now for some reason, the previous 79 or so times that I saw this movie it never occurred to me that there were no operators for the rides.  Yet, they were moving about the park riding them.

National Lampoons: Vacation

This bothered me deeply.  How could I have missed such an error in production?  I could not believe that they pulled this off!  Nobody caught this?  How could they be riding the rides if there is no person operating them? 

Now I don't know what was more disturbing about this.  The fact that they actually put that in the movie hoping no person would notice it.  Or, the fact that I had never noticed it in over twenty years and almost 100 viewings of the movie. 

But all things being said; It's a great movie, and I can't help watching it again and again over the next twenty years.  Of course, pointing out to every person watching it with me that here are no operators for the rides.  And now... You can too!

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