Friday, March 11, 2011

This Blog is awful

This blog is horrible, and I kind of want to keep it that way.  There are many reasons why this blog sucks so bad.  Let's list them. 

  •  I genuinely don't care - I don't have time to sit around in my underwear and opine all day about Charlie Sheen being awesome or why Drew Carey does not use the skinny mic that Bob Barker used when he was hosting the Price is right.
  • If it were any good, and people were actually reading this thing, I might feel obligated to write better stuff or even spell things correctly and use proper grammar.  So long as no one reads it, I don't have to make it good.  It's just kind of like me talking to myself, which is just gibberish anyway.
  • The only reason to even do this at all is to have evidence at a future trial that I WAS insane.  Look judge, here is the proof going back until Feb. 2011.  
So there you have it!  The reasons why this blog is awful and if all goes as planned, will continue to be so.  Thanks for reading.   And how did you even find this thing?